Into the Wild

Growing with nature.

Set in the beautiful woodlands in the heart of Lower Kingswood. Forest School provides opportunities for children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our classes are all child-led and tailor suited to the needs of the children. For little ones it is an opportunity to escape into the wild and experience the magic of the wilderness.

What is Forest School?

There are 6 principles that a forest school is established by:

  1. Child-led play.
  2. Holistic learning.
  3. Qualified leader
  4. Managed risk taking.
  5. Regular sessions.
  6. A woodland setting.

Forest school allows children to explore and play in the natural environment, teaching children to asses their own risk and and creatively think for themselves. Activities include; den building, building campfires, cooking, mini beast hunts, games and trails, tree climbing and using tools. There are also lots of arts and crafts using natural materials and songs and stories for the little ones.

And into the forest I go, to loose my mind and find my soul.

John Muir
Member of the Forest School Association

Pre School

Specially suited to children ages 3-4. Sessions include crafts, den building, story telling, fire circle and lots of fairytale magic.

Big Kids

Tailor suited to children ages 5-6. Sessions include building fires, using safe tools, climbing trees and lots of adventure.

Toddlers and Carers

(Coming soon..)

Ideal for children 2 years and below. A unique chance to bond with your child and connect with nature. Sessions include interactive stories, arts and crafts, songs and hot chocolate by the fire.

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